04 February 2015

Lidl, Myllymäki 29.11.2014

Sender anonymous
Usually I don't publish photos where you can't see that the car has Russian plates, but this is just too good to pass. I know the photographer so I know the situation is authentic. The Mercedes is taking two handicapped spots.

08 October 2014

K-market Mussalo, Kotka 25.9.2014

Sender anonymous

Kia taking four spots on a half empty parking lot.

Rajamarket, Virolahti 31.10.2013

Sender anonymous

Top quality effort here. Three cars are parked on parking spots reserved for buses and the fourth is parked on driveway.

Biltema 5.1.2014

Sent by Pipsa

Taking two spots with style.

Lidl, Puhakankatu 19.11.2013

Sent by Faasi

This Toyota is taking two spots and is parked partly on the driveway.

ABC Viipurinportti 27.12.2013

Sender anonymous

This driver really made an effort to take two parking spots.

Robinhood 11.10.2013

Sent by J.G

Nissan taking two spots.