15 November 2014

Prisma, Kotka 3.4.2014

Sender anonymous

The Honda manages to take three spots, while the Landrover in the background only takes two.


  1. I am just wondering, if there is any driving school system in Russia at all? Or can one just pass the tests by a donation to a police officer?

    1. I'm from Russia and I can tell you. Of course, when you are taking a driving course, you learn how to park your car, and final testing includes these exercises as well.

      But years later, everyone forgets it. The reason is trivial, you won't be fined for parking like in the photo. Even more so, nobody at all is used to pay attention to such trifles. Police doesn't care about it as well, they are understaffed during the last years

  2. We buy driver license!!!

  3. So what a problem here Finland? Issue them a penalty charge notice for violate parking rules and then cancel their visa. Otherwise you encourage them to keep parking like that and this seems that you just make fun of it and all of this site all about?

  4. It's Russians. Russia is a country, where overwhelming majority of it's population is stupid idiots (we call them "bydlo", maybe you heared this term). It is sad reality of our country. I'm sorry for them. And they will hate me for doing this. And, please, remember, that not all of russians stupid like this.

  5. I might actually shock somebody, but these guys are deliberate a$$holes. I thought it was pretty obvious at this point, judging by the number of posts.

    There are numerous, but logical reasons to this. I believe 2 of them are the most accountable:

    1) In Russia, we have laws that defy reasoning and common sense. Somebody from the high up could declare this site is spreading political extremism, or pedophilia, or homosexuality, and the law-abiding ISP's would shut it down from Russian users immediately. BEFORE any inspection or trial. This is just from the top of my head, but I hope you begin to get the idea by now.

    Our laws are created to suppress, humiliate and rob. We have no respect for them as a whole.

    2) It is hard to succeed in Russia without being an immoral ape. The guys (with the exception of, probably, that dude with a "newbie" sign which took 4 spots) are, basically, shouting "I am a true Russian success model, so I canonically display disrespect to you, losers" by parking like that.

    The reason I type all this is simply because I got tired of how naive some of these comments are. The guys/girls on these photos are not stupid, clueless or struggling to park right. They are doing this because they can and because they like doing that. Dixi.



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