30 June 2013

Prisma 5.6.2013

The Nissan is taking two spots.

Puuilo 16.4.2013

Sent by Tulsku

The Infiniti is taking two spots.

Rajamarket 26.4.2013

Sender anonymous

The car is parked out of the parking spot, on the pedestrian lane.

Citymarket, Kotka 28.6.2013

Sent by vesku

The Volvo is taking two spots. In addition, the spot which the Volvo is mostly occupying is meant for families with small children. A young couple without children was seen exiting the car. This photo was taken at Kotka (another border town).

Lidl, Myllymäki 2.6.2013

Sender anonymous

The Toyota is taking two spots.

Rajamarket, Imatra 3.4.2013

Sender anonymous

The two cars are parked right in front of the shop doors to a no parking area reserved for pedestrians.

Robinhood 23.5.2013

Sent by Minna

The Lexus is taking two spots.

Citymarket, Imatra 24.1.2013

Sender anonymous

The Mitsubishi is taking two spots, other one being a handicapped spot.

Biltema 3.5.2013

The Ford is taking two spots.

K-Rauta 6.4.2013

The Toyota is taking two spots.

Back to business

Sorry for the lack of posts during the last months but now we are back in business. Hopefully new pictures will be added more regularly from now on!