28 February 2013

Motonet 31.1.2013

Sender anonymous
The Mercedes is parked on a handicapped place. The dude exiting the vehicle seems to be walking rather well.


  1. Maybe he is blind? Then it should be ok.

  2. He is not blind, he is typical russian, who thinks that he one's this magazin, that why he is thinking that he can leave his machine anywhere

  3. Its simply not appropriate behavior in our russia -- caring about people with disabilities.

    The only place where people often meet with persons with impaired mobility in Saint-Petersburg, Russia -- is subway, where people without legs crawling on the floor begging for money, most of them placed there by criminals who collecting their revenue in exchange for rudimentary care and transportation to begging site and back.

    Most people with impaired mobility simply doesn't go far from their homes since in Russia public transportation system absolutely not friendly to people with restricted mobility both by abscense of technical solutions. And majority of people with restricted mobility doesn't have salaries high enough(its hard to find a job in Russia for people with disabilities)to buy a car and use parkings at all...

    So here in Russia people simply doesn't see people with impaired mobility in large department stores at all, and especially their cars in parking lots reserved for disabled persons. Usually it is used by car owners with fraudulent impaired person sign to use restricted parking place. And all this lead to simply ignoring such signs, without any malicious intent... This person on the photo simply doesn't care, it simply didn't pay attention to this sign.

  4. You should make this blog about whole country. One mazda has been parking in the walkway in front of apartment through winter.

  5. Why you are balming this dude? He has obviously sat on the passenger seat. Maybe the driver (who is not seen in the picture) is handicapped.

  6. My mother has a handicapped parking license. I have several times picked her up by parking into a handicapped only-place and using her license, which is fine according to the police. Yes, it's a long shot but possible.



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