02 January 2013

Favorites of November 2012

The people have spoken! Here are the results for favorite parkings of November 2012.

1st place with 31% of the votes goes to...
Motonet 2011
2nd place with 21% of the votes goes to...
Urheilu-Koskimies 25.11.2012
3rd place with 19% of the votes goes to...
Holiday Club Saimaa 18.11.2012

Don't forget to vote for your favorite of December 2012! Go here to see the contestants.


  1. I think we should all call a spade a spade.

    The fact of the matter is that for all the noise it makes, Russia is no more than a backward developing country on par with countries like Angola, Nigeria, Pakistan and Myanmar.

    Yes, they have nuclear weapons and once upon a time produced great works of culture. Today, they are well-known for being a one-man state that supports dictators (Syria, Venezuela, Iran to mention a few) and is a haven for tax evaders, as long as they pay lip-service to his all-mighty celestial universal super-human higness, V. Putin.

    It is also well-known that in Russia, anyone can get a driver's license as long as they pay enough to the right person, as that country has no rule of law.

    At the end of the day, this parking issue is a trade-off; come here to shop and spend your holidays, bring us your money (we won't ask how you earned it), and we'll have to put up with the headaches that come as part of the package...

  2. The best thing nowdays is that in Lappeenranta where most of these pics are taken from, Russians get parking tickets the same as finns when parking wrong. And the best part is that they have to pay for them in order to get over the border.



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